Coppers and Spiders



The closer the twins approach Eirin’s clinic, the more they notice something is off. Even with Eientei in sight not a single rabbit can be seen scurrying around the bamboo forest. Something else can be seen occasionally though, the morning sun’s reflection on a few smooth surfaces, quickly moving towards the mansion. The sun’s blinding reflected rays and she sheer speed of them makes the sources of these reflections impossible to make out, though.

When they arrive it becomes clear that there’s no need to knock, the clinic’s door has been knocked down, and there’s no Eirin in sight for that matter.

“Uhh, princess. Is the bad feeling in you getting worse?”
“… Maybe. But we don’t have time to think about that! We gotta get Wriggle out of here!”

Princess Wriggle went in first and quickly headed to Wriggle’s room. WriggStar, however, didn’t walk in as quickly. She just looked around and took her time getting to Wriggle’s room.

“Something’s… really off. Dangit, why does the Princess know what’s going on, but I get diddly squat?!”

The clinic looked like it had housed a tornado for an hour or so. Anything that wasn’t bent was broken, anything that wasn’t broken was somehow pierced. Even some of the walls were damaged, covered in cracked holes as if Yuugi had gone around headbutting everything. One last lamp flickered and swung from a single electric line ominously before simply giving up and plummeting to the floor with the soft cracking sound of breaking glass.

The same sound can be heard again, as something crushes the light bulb beneath a sharp metallic leg. The next thing princess wriggles feels is a hard as metal body smashing against her with all its weight. Before she fully well realizes it, the princess is on the floor between the rubble, staring up at 8 red eyes of a mechanized spider-like contraption. The unnatural creature has already raised a single one of his eight sharp legs, looking to bring it down upon her head.