Stirring up the hive



The device is surprisingly warm to the touch, as if heated from the inside. During her closer inspection, the princess comes across a symbol cast into the oddity.

She is not given much time to ponder it, as she is suddenly overwhelmed by… something.

A sudden flash in the back of her head turns the world white for an instance. Like a strong flash of light is painful to the eyes, this flash is painful to the mind, as too many experiences come over her at once.

For a moment she is a firefly princess, another moment she is a caped hero with an itchy nose, yet another she is a confused spider on a cold cavern wall, now she is world’s angriest and most pompous mosquito, flying for her dear life.

One last vision lasts slightly longer though, not to mention feels slightly more real.
She can feel her bare feet on a wooden floor, one hand holding precious food, another holding even more precious cloth. Her skin is itchy and she is afraid, but a gentle smile in the distance promises a slither of hope.

All sudden, all near simultaneous, all gone in a moment’s notice.

A second later the princess returns to her senses with nothing to confirm what just happened but a slight throbbing in the back of her head and the unusually appealing taste of common bread on her tongue.

Princess Wriggle groaned in pain and dropped the device, causing WriggStar to quickly panic and hold onto the princess.

“Whoa, you okay there?”

“Ah, yeah. Sorry about that…”

“You don’t apologize for that, Princess.” WriggStar kicked the device up and caught it with her free hand. “Don’t know what this thing did, but it’s not a good idea to leave it here.” The princess smiled and gave the hero a small nod. “Say, want me to carry you back? I don’t mind. You still look out of it.”

“Haha, please~? We could try to chase after that mosquito. By the way, you realize your nose is turning red?” Princess Wriggle poked her nose several times as she said that.

“Don’t do that. I’m trying to fight the itch.” WriggStar scrunched up her nose as the Princess climbed on her back. “Here, take this darn thing before I use it as a scratcher.”

As the twins make their way out the tunnel, the insects of the cavern follow them in what feels like an embarrassed silence. They could sense a hangover like daze radiating off the swarm of fireflies illumination their once dark path. This part of the way that was almost completely covered in shadows during their approach is now lit up. The walls as visible as the marking etched into them… wait a second.